Wine Tasting in Rome

To enjoy at the best food and wine in Italy.

There is not need to take a day trip to Tuscany to go for a wine tasting. In Lazio (Rome’s region) you can taste some amazing wine as well.
Food and wine, in Italy, is culture everywhere. Each Italian region has its own regional dishes and wines.

Don’t get me wrong, Tuscany is a marvellous italian region to visit and it offers a great selection of good wine but Lazio, as well as many of the other italian regions, has an incredible wine culture and a large selection of wines to taste. If they are less known is only a matter of marketing.

Italy is internationally well-known for its great wines. It has the largest variety of grapes in the world. Some of them are specific only to some small areas and this is in some cases endangered. Small areas and small family run vineyards and, at the end, this does particularly special to go for wine tasting all around Italy.

Olive Tree Hill is nestled alongside a quiet country lane at the bottom of the Castelli Romani well known as the wine area of Rome and we couldn’t miss to organize and promote a wine tasting experience in Rome for our guests.

They are plenty of beautiful wine bars in Rome and outside Rome where you can taste a large selection of wine but we prefer to bring you in the earth of the wine area of Rome to allow you to know more about wine itself , to learn how to appreciate it, how to pair food and wine, what is the process behind a good quality wine.

As you may know, in Italy, eating doesn’t just mean filling the stomach but rejoicing and sharing; as well as drinking does not mean getting drunk but tasting and appreciating. Food and wine are definitely part of the Italian culture.

Everywhere you travel in Italy you’ll find a wide array of food and wine pairings at your disposal but sometimes you’ll find yourself not able to match them properly to appreciate them at the best. As mentioned on our page “Eat in Italy“, food and wine cover a significant part of the Italian culture and social life.

Sometimes travellers goes for expensive wine tasting and end up buying expensive wine but aren’t really equipped with the knowledge to fully enjoy what they are drinking.

Let's learn how to pair food and wine.

Between many local winemakers we like to organize our wine tasting with Claudio, a fifth generation winemaker. His passion for the vineyards and wine is genuine and obvious; insiders rave about the grape to glass experience with Claudio.

To know about his vinery while strolling around the wineyard, to visit and hear the story of the underground cellar dug by hand in 1881 is a pleasant prelude to a unique wine tasting based on 4 awarded wines: spumante brut pas dose (sparkling wine), white wine, red wine and passito (dessert wine).

All of them are food pairings with bread, olive oil, cheeses, with different kinds of salami and local dessert or biscuits.

What makes his wine tasting unique is that you’ll not only learn about the entire wine process 1but also how to combine food & wine. You’ll experience how a wrong pairings can ruined a meal even though both food & wine are great individually.

Once your taste buds become a little more familiar with the wine you will appreciate more the wine itself and your food pairings will make special every single meal.

Passed down from generation to generation, is now time for Nicoletta, the daughter, to get ready to take over with new energy.

Her first product has been recently presented. This wine is phenomenal, fresh and vigorous as her desire to carry on the family wine tradition.  Its name is “sei gemme” (six gems). A real baptism since she will represent the sixth of a long generation of vineyards.

The only thing you’ll get to love more than the food and wine is definitely Claudio & Nicoletta passion and energy. They are both able to weave an engaging tale each time they presented a wine and shared precious anecdotes of their job.

At the end a wine tasting is a lot more than the angle at which you hold your pinkie or the repeating technnique of sipping and swallow.

Good Food & Wine Journey to everybody.

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