Eat in Italy

You will be amazed by the variety and quality of food you can eat in Italy.

The Italian cuisine can definitively please everybody. Each region, city or even town has its own speciality or delicacy. Eating in Italy will turn to be a stand-alone experience. That ‘s why Italy is a paradise for food lovers.

Due to the infinite number of Italian dishes you’ll need multiple lifetimes to sample and decide what could be the best food to eat in Italy.

A large part of the Italian culture is expressed through the local cuisine, the ingredients that make the recipe up and the cooking techniques.

A smart traveler can easily understand how every single region brings its own value to the Italian culinary tradition. The north will be distinguished by its polenta, risotto, canederli, cow’s milk cheeses and more creamy dishes. Moving towards south the aroma of the Parma ham and parmigian cheese will be paired with tortellini, ravioli, lasagna and all different kind of pasta based on flour and eggs. In the central part of Italy the pastoral tradition will brings  specialties based on sheep meat & milk such as pasta cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana or agnello scottadito (lamb). Heading more south will step in the land of Pizza, buffalo mozzarella and limoncello and finally in the deep south of Italy where the flavours are even more intense, enriched by spices, honey, figs and dried fruit.

These are some of the aspects that truly tell about the cultural influences which constitutes the beauty of Italy and the Italian cuisine.

Though nowadays you can find the above italian specialities throughout all of Italy, or even the world, there’s nothing like trying them in their own traditional region.

About traditional italian food we would like to make you aware of the fact that, as well as in any other tourist city, is not always easy to find a good traditional italian restaurant in Rome.

Nowadays, it’s very rare to find a family restaurant in Rome where mom is still cooking according to the traditional italian recipes. Quite often chefs are not even Italians and some menus mention “italian dishes” sometime well known abroad but unknown to most of the italians.

On the other side top chefs are finding inspiration in some traditional regional dishes turning them into fine and quite often expensive dining.

Staying true to the Italian roots, at Olive Tree Hill we believe that “simple is better” and we want to make possible and affordable for everybody to taste an authentic italian food. We will try to keep you far away from the usual tourist routes and provide you a selected list of restaurants in Rome and outside Rome but if you want to get a exciting food experience through the traditional italian cuisine you are welcomed to join us at Olive Tree Hill.

We happily cater to guests with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Dining at Olive Tree Hill, you’ll discover delicacies that usually go unnoticed by most. You’ll enjoy a family style dinner while learning more about the traditional Italian cuisine and its connections to the Italian history.

If you are a food lover and you like to cook, don’t miss our hands-on cooking class at Olive Tree Hill. Another amazing experience you shouldn’t miss when travelling in Italy.

Cooking Classes

If you love food you shouldn’t miss a cooking class while travelling in Italy. We’d be delighted to share with you some of the secrets of the Italian culinary tradition and show you how easly you can prepare an amazing meal. It doesn’t matter what is your skill. We will make sure yours will be improved.

Wine Tasting

Whatever is your wine skills our master (six generations winemakers) will let you feel comfortable. After this very informative wine tasting your taste buds will become more familiar with the wine, you will appreciate it more and your food pairings will make special every single meal.


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