Zagarolo, the medieval city closest to Rome, rich in Italian history and traditions


Why is worth to visit some of the cities near to Rome

Rome will never stop to surprise you especially when you will abandon the traditional tourist routes and you will begin to discover some of the best places to visit outside Rome.

The eternal city of Rome attracts millions of visitors every year. Mainly to pay a visit to Pantheon, throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, stroll around the Spanish steps, reminisce the gladiators at the Colosseum, and maybe catch a glimpse of the Pope at the Vatican.

All the while waiting in line amidst hundreds of tourists all waiting to do the same thing but Rome is much more. Rome is a cocktail of history and culture.

An indescribable number of villas, palaces, museums, and works of art enrich the streets and squares of Rome and the metropolitan city of Rome which includes the numerous places to visit outside Rome. A collection of styles and traces of history that has no equal in the world.

If you would like to tread off the beaten path and experience Italy beyond the popular attractions, you will be surprised by some of the places you can visit outside Rome.

Why looking for places to visit outside Rome when a lifetime is not enough visiting Rome?

Well, according with the history, the city of Rome was much larger than what we know nowadays.

Imperial villas, monuments, and parks were also widespread in what nowadays is called the metropolitan city of Rome. Here Popes and emperors built their sumptuous residences surrounded by what is necessary to make them livable.

Remains of aqueducts, thermal baths, amphitheaters, and parks swarm just outside Rome, in the metropolitan city of Rome and very few tourists but also many Romans are absolutely unaware of them.

Those who have had the opportunity to visit Rome will agree that sites such as P.zza Navona or the Vittoriano are certainly more fascinating than sites such as the Spanish steps mentioned among the 5 most beautiful sites to visit in Rome. This is just one example of how tourism marketing exploits the popularity of sites used for fashion shows, television dramas and movies to attract tourism, leaving in the shade places outside Rome that are equally interesting and worth a visit.

Therefore the enormous increase of tourists in Rome in recent years has partly distorted its identity.

For this reason, the advanced tourist or travelers is increasingly looking for off the beaten path in Rome. In fact, more and more travelers nowadays abandon the traditional tourist routes and instead look for the best places to visit outside Rome.

It is worth looking for accommodation outside Rome?

Looking for accommodation outside Rome is a great option especially if it allows to reach Rome easily as well as other sites to see in Italy that are on your travel list.

Leaving with locals in a more authentic environment as well as traveling off the beaten path will help you to set a great experience while traveling in Rome.
The discover of surrounding villages of Rome turn to be for most of our guests one of the highlights of the entire trip and let them enjoy a more real Italy.

Stacie, an American reporter, wanted to share with this video glimpse of her authentic Italian experience and talks about the warm hospitality received from Ivano and Terhi at Olive Tree Hill.

Best places to go outside Rome

Aware of the fact that very little info about places outside Rome to visit are available on the net, we are preparing an exhaustive free guide for our guests.
Take the time to consider visiting some of these great hidden gems outside Rome, which many of our guests considered the best part of their visit. You’ll not regret it!

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