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Welcome home travellers.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a young couple in love, or a family with kids traveling in Rome, you are welcomed to sit down with us and enjoy a real Italian deli at Olive Tree Hill – BnB in Rome. Here you’ll find that warm and friendly atmosphere that will allow you to turn your Roman Holidays in an amazing trip. You don’t need to find an hotel in Rome center to enjoy the beauties of Rome. Actually you’ll lose the opportunity to discover some incredible hidden gems, enjoy a more real Italy and embrace a more genuine italian culture. You’ll get to know about things you’ve never heard of but are sure to love. Become part of our extended family and share with us and the other guests food, stories and experiences. Go through our website, read what our guests wrote about their travel experience and discover why they were happy to have chosen Olive Tree Hill and stay outside Rome while visiting Rome.

How do you say welcome home in italian?

Benvenuto a casa!

Our simple but genuine and hospitable paradise is ready to welcome you home in Italy.

The story of a finnish cottage in Italy

Ivano and Terhi, the owners of Olive Tree Hill, met many years ago. Ivano, an Italian, fell in love with Terhi, a Finnish woman. Terhi moved to Italy to live with Ivano and after a while, she started missing her home. So Ivano built for her a “little piece of Finland.” With a little help from Tehri’s uncle, Ivano built this charming Scandinavian cottage from scratch.  And it is now one of the highlights of the BnB. The self catering accommodation is the best option for couples and families with kids looking for cottage holidays in Italy. It has the cozy, warm feeling of a quaint wooden home. On a romantic trip to Italy, there is nothing better than a house built with true love to stay in and feel home away from home.

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Perfect for kids

At Olive Tree Hill we create a cozy, family atmosphere during your stay. This is much better than a small hotel room in the middle of the big city chaos.

With a big garden for you to relax and the kids to run around and play, Olive Tree Hill is the clear choice to feel welcomed home.

Places to visit Outside Rome

The eternal city of Rome attracts millions of visitors every year. They travel to pay a visit to the Pantheon, throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, or perhaps catch a glimpse of the Pope at the Vatican. All the while waiting in line amongst thousands of tourists all waiting to do the exact same thing.

If you want to tread off the beaten path and experience Italy beyond the popular attractions you will be pleased to find that there are many historical and beautiful places to visit near Rome.

Exploring the sites around Rome allows you to experience the charm of the Roman countryside and the authentic Italian lifestyle. Best of all – with only a handful of people around.

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