Get a taste of a more Real Italy
Live like a local is a very trendy slogan nowdays but you get trapped. Follow us off the neathen path. You'll not regret it!
The Colosseum
Well known in the world, it represent the symbol of the Ancient Rome. Daily target of thousand of tourists, for the Romans it is much more than the told urban legends.
The Fortuna Primigena Temple
One of the must see outside Rome, absolutely worth a visit.
Bigger and older than the Colosseum lies in
the shade of Rome, waiting for you.

Your Authentic Experience in Rome.

The city center is a must see in Rome but nowdays if you want a really unique and authentic experience in Rome you need to visit the Eternal city in a different way.

Nobody can question the beauties of Rome, its history and the vibrant soul.
Rome is certainly a must see city in Italy but, it doesn’t matter if you are a first timer in Rome or a returning visitor in Rome, to get a real and authentic experience in Rome, you need to discover Rome off the beathen path.

One of the things we suggest you to consider is the Rome night walking tour. It gives you the opportunity to see the best of Rome, save time to explore Rome off the beathen path or explore some of the marvellous towns near Rome , rich in history and arts as well where you can embrace a more real Italian soul and unique experience.

Your trip cannot be just a list of “must to see in Rome”. It will allow you to bring back home few hundred souvenir photos but hardly you will find yourself enriched by the authentic and unforgettable travel experience that a city like Rome can provide you.

Most of tourists travelling oversea can spend only 2 or 3 days in Rome. For some of them it will be the trip of a lifetime and they don’t want to screw it up. That’s why, eventhough “a life is not enough to visit Rome” we try to help our guests to optmize their time and experience in Rome and offer our to the guests booking directly through our website.

Book directly and enjoy our free travel plan support. Share your bucket travel list with us. We will help you to get the best experience and to bring back home found memories of your Roman Holidays and unique experience.

Customized tour

If you’d like to get off the beaten path to learn more about Roman history and embrace a more real italian culture, you’ve arrived in the correct place! We recommend places to visit that most probably you never heard of but you will love.
Leave the logistics to us. Relax and enjoy you journey.
We can customize all excursions to your interests and needs.

Eat in Italy

Food is an extremely important aspect of life and culture in Italy. Let us introduce you to genuine Italian foods and share our knowledge of local dishes at Olive Tree Hill.
For those who want to learn how to prepare Italian specialties we also offer cooking classes.We happily cater to guests with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Start Planning your Italian Getaway

Work with us to arrange your trip to Rome and beyond.


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