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Strolling off the beaten path in Rome

Searching for articles, blogs, and posts about “off the beaten path in Rome” I recently realized that something is changing and more value and attention is reserved to the off the beaten path in Rome.

Even though Rome is one of the most touristed/visited cities in the world it’s also one of the most densely packed with fascinating buildings, museums, neighborhoods, and history. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that no–while every last inch of the Eternal City has been discovered by most of the people that visiting Rome while touring Italy.

That’s because Rome is not just a long list of sites and museums to visit. Every single corner, every single stone is talking about its own long story.

Not by chance, it is considered the cradle of civilization and if this is your first time in Rome or you are planning your lifetime trip in Rome don’t miss the chance to visit Rome smartly and explore the beauties of Rome off the beaten path. It will make your trip memorable.

Where to go off the beaten path in Rome

At the top of the Roman Empire, Rome was populated by more than a million people and the city of Rome was much more extended than what is visible nowadays. No wonder if in any corner there is something that maybe catches your attention.

That’s why we always suggest to combining the use of public transport with nice walking in Rome.

For further information, read: https://olivetreehill.com/transport-rome/

Two thousand years is a long time to be an interesting, vibrant city and once you leave the traditional path of the Colosseum – Trevi Fountain – Spanish Steps – Pantheon – Piazza Navona – Vatican Museums

Could be fairly simple to find yourself in a quiet and interesting corner of Rome.

Nothing wrong with the places mentioned above but Rome is much more and we would love to host you and guide you through the beauties off the beaten path in Rome as well as the best cities outside Rome where Emperors and Popes set up their residences and villas. Sites where barely you’ll find a tourist and which still maintain that character of genuineness and warmth typical of Italian culture.

Strolling off the beaten path in Rome with a local

As we learned traveling, without the support of a local expert, a lifetime wouldn’t be long enough to discover all the treasures that a city such as Rome and the metropolitan area has to offer. I spent 32 years leaving in Rome and 20 in the countryside of Rome and even though I am very curious and pretty knowledgeable about Italian culture and history, I have a long way to go through the off beaten path in Rome.

Look for a good host and you are halfway to a successful adventure. A good host can help you to set up your travel plan in Rome, show on the map the sites off the beaten path, and give you all the tips to enjoy the best of your Roman Holidays.

Online you can find plenty of list and suggestions about sites to visit but the best thing we can do to help you to optimize your trip is to invite you to tell us what is your interest and we will do our best to help you to catch the best off
the beaten path in Rome. We are all different and there is not a must to see in Rome but a must having to fill up with emotions.




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