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Choose between our accommodations in Rome the one that best suits your needs.

The offer of hotels in Rome is wide. As well as the offer of accommodation of various kinds but in Olive Tree Hill you will find something that is not common. You will find that warm family atmosphere that will allow you to transform your holiday in Rome into an unforgettable travel experience.

From Booking to Airbnb, hotels are rated on their facilities, location, service, food, and overall value but we like to provide something pretty rare to find: a genuine hospitality.

Whether you are looking for the best hotel in Rome or cheap hotels in Rome on Airbnb, we invite you to read more about Olive Tree Hill – BnB in Rome. You may discover a completely different way to experience your journey. Besides the convenience to reach the Eternal City faster than many districts of Rome and the opportunity to discover some amazing places off the tourist beaten path, at Olive Tree Hill you’ll find a warm family atmosphere, scents of the countryside and plenty of information to organize your day tours at the best.

Let us know more about your travel plans and wishes and we will be more than happy to help you make your dreams come true.

Those it sounds too much? We are proud to invite you to read the reviews of our guests; they speak for themselves.

As travels and hosts, we believe that the choice of the best place to stay in Rome is very personal.
If you are a teen ager looking for nightlife, honeymooners looking for intimacy and romance, senior travelers looking for a more welcoming atmosphere, the concept of the best place to stay in Rome could be very different.

We could assimilate the concept of the best place to stay in Rome to the possibility of quickly reaching the major tourist sites, the splendor of Luxury hotels in Rome, the locaionsof the best hotels in Rome, the price a budget hotel in Rome, the best Airbnb in Rome or a VRBO in Rome. All valid concepts, but not equally for all.

Not even Olive Tree Hill is the perfect place to stay in Rome. Infact, when we receive a call from teenagers looking for an accommodation in Rome we make sure they understand that we are located far enough from Rome nightlife and that life in our village has a charm that will be appreciate over the years.

We care about creating a relationship with our guests. We like sharing our time and culture with those often coming from countries very distant from traditions and culture or may be linked to these traditions and cultures by an ancestor blood bond.

Is worth to choose Olive Tree Hill as accommodation in Rome?

Most of our guests are mainly interested in visiting Rome. Staying at Olive Tree Hill,  they have the opportunity to receive a detailed briefing, learn more about the Capital Rome and the Metropolitan City of Rome which hide many beautiful sites worth to be discovered. Despite being carried out at night many of our guests join the night walking tour to optimize their stay and save time to go off the beaten path.

After the Night Walking Tour, our guests are more than ready to return to the Eternal City and enjoy with its historical landmarks and “Dolce Vita” lifestyle.

Learn more about the Night Walking Tour in Rome, considered the top experience at Olive Tree Hill.

Is Olive Tree Hill a 5 stars hotel in Rome?

Since we decide to open the doors of our little paradise to travelers we have been highly rated, considered a 5 stars hotel in Rome but those stars have nothing to do with the lavish but aseptic luxury hotels in Rome. We prefer to offer comfortable accommodations in Rome, at the right price, taking care to create the right relationship with our guests and helping them to organize their days at the best.

Many years ago, we embraced a concept moved by one of our guests: “you do not rent rooms, you offer hospitality”. We loved it!

Which accommodations in Rome are good for families?

Rome itself is not the most kid friendly city; too many historical landmarks and museums.
Instead, staying at Olive Tree Hill both parents and kids will enjoy their holidays. Apart the options available in the outskirt of Rome, kids will love to be back home, run in the garden, play with cats and dogs, jump on trees while parents are sipping a glass of wine, chat with some new friends or just read a book on the hammock.

Family packages all inclusive in Rome are available at Olive Tree Hill

Olive Tree Hill is the perfect place to stay for an idyllic honeymoon in Rome

Celebrate the joy of togetherness with the most romantic honeymoon experience in Rome!

The Eternal City, is truly the best place to start your lifelong journey with your love.

The unique atmosphere of the Metropolitan City of Rome, the mild climate in spring and autumn seasons is the ideal background for a romantic holiday.

Wander through the scenic streets of old towns or seal your promise of love on the oldest Roman bridges where couple hang padlocks as a sign of their affection.

At Olive Tree Hill, we will make sure your honeymoon will give you the best moments to cherish and look back upon.
Choose our cottage for a breath taking unique honeymoon.

Honeymoon packages all inclusive in Rome are available at Olive Tree Hill

Hospitality is very hard to find in a luxury hotel in Rome or renting an independent apartment in Rome.

Olive Tree Hill has a long history of hospitality, full of international recognition that you can find on Tripadvisor, Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Google Maps and last but not least Facebook that more than any other gives a face and an identity to those who write.

A particular chapter is reserved for the story that sees Olive Tree Hill listed for years in the Top3 of the best accommodation in Rome on Tripadvisor. Check out the Olive Tree Hill awards.


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