Unlock Unforgettable Travel Experiences in Rome with Olive Tree Hill

Are you yearning for an Unforgettable Travel Experience in Rome? In recent years, the buzz about ‘Authentic Travel Experiences’ has been constant, but the reality often falls short of the ideal. As a seasoned traveler who has explored the corners of the globe, I’ve unraveled the true essence of the term ‘travel experiences,’ understanding the […]

Transport in Rome: getting around the Eternal city

public transport in Rome by tram

Planning to visit the Eternal City, to know how works the Transport in Rome can reveal as a piece of important information. If you’ve never had the chance to visit Rome, you have to know that many central areas of Rome are traffic limited and driving in the city could be complicated. Fortunately, the public […]

Money from an ATM in Rome

Get the most from ATMs

Withdrawing money from ATMs in Rome is easy and could be the best way to exchange your money. In many countries, the use of cash is now obsolete. In Italy, even if the use of credit cards is increasingly widespread, cash payment remains the most widely used payment system. To solve this problem when traveling […]

Metrebus: Your pass for Public Transport in Rome

Efficient Transportation in Rome: Explore the Metrebus Map for Seamless Travel Experiences

Since 1994, under the “Metrebus” brand, the companies that operate public transport in Rome manage a capillary network that serves Rome Capital City, the Metropolitan City of Rome, and the Lazio Region, of which Rome is the capital. Metrebus is the best travel solution to visit Rome Metropolitan city. With Metrebus, the use of public […]

The best places near Rome to visit

Rome will never stop to surprise you especially when you will abandon the traditional tourist routes and you will begin to discover some of the best places to visit outside Rome. The eternal city of Rome attracts millions of visitors every year. Mainly to pay a visit to Pantheon, throw a coin in the Trevi […]

Strolling off the beaten path in Rome

Searching for articles, blogs, and posts about “off the beaten path in Rome” I recently realized that something is changing and more value and attention is reserved to this thread. Even though Rome is one of the most touristed/visited cities in the world it’s also one of the most densely packed with fascinating buildings, museums, […]

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