Beyond hospitality: awarded hotel deals in Rome

In the tourist industry, location, price, and cleanliness are kept in consideration to value an accommodation but to be included in the list of the best hotel deals in Rome there are some more parameters you need to accomplish and at Olive Tree Hill you’ll find them.

What are the parameters to define the hotel deals in Rome?

Everybody is looking for something different when traveling and is looking for good hotel deals. Somebody is looking for a low price, others for proximity to the main tourist sites or even for a luxury hotel deal but there is something that is still misvalued but could be very important when traveling abroad: the host.

The host can make the difference and turn your trip into an amazing experience. 

Experience, that’s the term in the last years turned to be pretty trendy while traveling. A priceless value, especially when it would be a lifetime trip or if you are short in time.

What makes Olive Tree Hill one of the best hotel deals in Rome?

In fact, the hosts. Apart from the price, the quietness, and the environment what does it make special Olive Tree Hill are the hosts, always ready to help their guests to turn their trip into an unforgettable experience.

Warmness and hospitality are hardly beatable at Olive Tree Hill and this is more than evident from the guest’s review.

Even in Italy, there is an increasing tendency to sell special something that shouldn’t: hospitality. At Olive Tree Hill hospitality is still genuine and this is probably the main keyword that has allowed Olive Tree Hill to qualify as one of the best hotel deals in Rome.

Hospitality, authenticity, services, and logistical support are what allow Olive Tree Hill to be part of the hotel deals in Rome list since 2008 even though it is located in the countryside, just outside Rome.

How can Olive Tree Hill be part of the hotel deals in Rome list while it is outside Rome?

This is certainly an interesting topic. very controversial and interesting. In fact, when Ivano & Terhi founded Olive Tree Hill (aka Colle degli Ulivi) and opened the gates of their little paradise to travelers, a new tourist portal appeared in Italy: Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor accepted the membership application submitted by Olive Tree Hill and included it in the Rome accommodation lists. After only a few months Olive Tree Hill was in the top 3 of the Rome accommodation lists and became a meeting point for many of the Tripadvisor readers,

The fact that Olive Tree Hill is not located in the center of Rome was no obstacle to Olive Tree Hill competing with other accommodations in Rome and being awarded as one of the best hotel deals in Rome.

In fact, although Olive Tree Hill is located in Zagarolo, which is part of the Metropolitan City of Rome only because it has its own municipality, is very well connected to Rome downtown and is easier to reach the city center of Rome from Zagarolo than many neighborhoods of Rome. Actually, the trip to Rome allows travelers to enjoy some amazing roman landscapes such as the ruins of few Roman Villas or a long line of aqueducts that bring the water in Rome still nowadays.

Who certified Olive Tree Hill as a hotel deal in Rome?

In 2008 Tripadvisor added Olive Tree Hill to the hotel deals in Rome list. Following the creation of the Metropolitan City of Rome, Olive Tree Hill has been moved from Trip Advisor’s Rome B&B listing to the Province of Rome listing. 

This has created great disappointment among the guests of Olive Tree Hill not being able to freely choose between a Hotel in the center of Rome or a Hotel outside Rome and a strong loss of visibility which, however, has not prevented this structure from continuing to be highly appreciated and considered one of the best hotel deals in Rome.

You can easily find Olive Tree Hill reviews on Tripadvisor, Booking, Expedia, Facebook, and Google Maps.




Authentic Italian Experience

Welcome to Olive Tree Hill where you’ll find free travel plan support, accommodation & Services:

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– comfortable lodging
– traditional home cooking;
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– transfers and tours.

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