Our Story

We’re Ivano & Terhi, an Italian-Finnish couple together since 1984. After leaving our corporate jobs, we began to focus more on the everyday pleasures of a simple life based on simple values. We call this the ‘Enjoy Your Life’ philosophy.

We opened Olive Tree Hill in 2006 as a way to share our hospitality and vast local knowledge with people visiting Italy and the countryside of Rome.

Our aim is to provide a warm, family atmosphere for our guests, so we invite you into our home to experience how Italians really live.

When in Rome, eat, sleep, and travel the local way with us at Olive Tree Hill.

Ivano & Terhi

Guest's Reviews

Ivano and Terhi transformed our short time in Rome to something much more magical than we ever could have imagined. The room was lovely and had everything we needed. We've definitely stayed at fancier, more luxurious places in our travels, but none with hosts that were more welcoming, accommodating, or helpful.
Ivano and Terhi offer more than just a bed and breakfast. They are like an all inclusive! We did a lasagna cooking class in their home, the midnight tour of Rome, and a bunch of unexpected visits just outside of Rome that they recommended. This is far more than just a place to sleep and eat breakfast. This is a place to slow down and see Italy differently than all of your friends. I would highly recommend just letting them tell you what to do. Trust me… The main sites you hear about in the Rome are interesting but there are places we found way more interesting and far less crowded that are worth exploring. Ivano knows them all!! He made our trip to Rome one of the most memorable trips we have ever taken.