The specter of World War 2 return to Palestrina, an hidden jem outside Rome.

The temple of Dea Fortuna. An amazing temple built at the end of the II century B.C. Discover during the World War II

Planned evacuation for 5000 people within 1.7 km. After a German arsenal was founded years ago, few days ago an unexploded 250-pound American-style bomb has been founded between Palestrina and Zagarolo.

A piece of history belonging to this territory cyclically returns to the fore.

Spring 1944, the American flying fortresses, after the start of the Strangle operation, (an allied operation that set itself the goal of cutting off the communication routes, through which, from northern Italy, the German army was supplied) and the in support of the landing of Anzio and Nettuno expected in the following days, heavily bombed the town of Palestrina and the surrroundings of Zagarolo.

Palestrina, now reduced to a pile of rubble is freed on the morning of June 4, 1944 by troops of the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy, while the bulk of the Allied army had deviated from Valmontone for head for the capital.

Meanwhile, among so many ruins and destruction, it came to light the temple of the Goddess Fortuna Primigena.  An amazing constrution built at the end of the 2nd century B.C..
One of the hidden hidden jems outside Rome still unknown to most of the foreigners visiting Rome and its surroundings.

palestrina temple


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For its high strategic importance, Palestrina began to suffer the Allied bombing since November 1943 and still nowdays the ghosts of war return to talk about themselves.

Only a few years ago, in the territory of Zagarolo, a German arsenal was found hidden in one of the many caves dug in the tuff by the ancient inhabitants of the area. The arsenal, composed of tanks, machine guns, ammunition, bombs and dynamite had been abandoned by the Germans now on the run and had subsequently been discovered and used by a gang of bank robbers during their raids.

But only a few days ago one of the many bombs dropped by American flying fortresses was found near a farm in Palestrina. The bomb, a 250-pound American-style bomb, probably unexploded following the low altitude sustained by the aircraft, will be triggered on September 15th.

The bomb was found not far from a commercial and residential area along the state road of Fiuggi, a well-known spa resort. Over 5 thousand people to be evacuated, 2 municipalities involved, dozens of houses to be secured within a radius of 1.7 kilometers.

All these people, children, the elderly and those who are not self-sufficient, will have to leave their homes at the time of the intervention of the bomb squad, as required by the protocol. The bomb is not dangerous if it is not subjected to stress.

The intervention of the bomb makers will take place in the morning and should be completed within a few hours. The high voltage power supply.

By mode and importance, it is the largest evacuation plan in the area since the post-war period.


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