Getting Around Rome

Rome is definitely a walkable city and we higly suggest you to explore it in that way. We should never forget that Rome is a museum itself.
Around any corner  there is something that will stimolate your senses.

To discover Rome’s beauties, make your plans, take a map and get lost! That’s the best way to discover the real essence of the Ethernal city.

Traveling outside of Rome, you can find some special and unique spots to visit that will make your trip much more memorable than you expected.
In this page you’ll find some informations and tips for getting around & outside Rome that will help to make your experience less stressful and exhausting.

How to Get Around in Rome

Visitors can easly and cheaply travel around Rome via buses, trams and metro and avoid to get around Rome by car. You can park your car safe and free of charge at Olive Tree Hill.

Getting around the Greater Rome also known as the Metropolitan Area of Rome province is done through coaches and regional trains.
Buses in Rome runs 24 hours a day and go extensively all over the city.

Tips on Walking Around Rome

Rome is definitely a walkable city and the best way to visit Rome is making your plans, taking a map and getting lost!

Rome itself is a great museum  and Walking around Rome, Italy is a fantastic way to see and experience the city. Anyway, it could be tough on your feet.
So, make sure to bring good walking shoes and also consider orthopedic foot inserts for added walking support.

Your best tools for walking around Rome will be sturdy shoes, a good map, and plenty of water.

In the summer, it’s recommended you consider visiting the city by night with our Rome night walking tour. You’ll stay cool and avoid the crowds!
Don’t miss it! If interested, don’t hesitate, ask for more informations at:

Tips on How to Get Around Rome Cheap

While staying with us we wiil provide info & tips to avoid crowds,lines and queues in Rome.

In the last years a big business has been created around the “skip the line tickets”; a real tourist trap.

While here the best way to get around is using the Metrebus Network System.
You don’t even need the well known Roma Pass, the tourist card promoted to use public transportation and visit some museums.

Metrebus Network System

Metrebus is an extended transportation network that let you get around in and outside Rome very easily and cheaply. It allow you to use: trains and buses/coaches connecting the metropolitan area to Rome downtown plus metro e buses to get around in Rome.

Metrebus system offer you several tickets option to get around in and outside Rome.

According to the area you are planning to visit, single ride ticket for train, or metro / bus / tram, 1day, 3days, 7days are available. A multidays transportation tickets is also available in the Roma Pass but it doesn’t allow you to travel outside Rome and is not particurarly convienient if staying with us.

Daily and multidays, tickets, as well as pass that include transportation ticket, should be validated only once at the beginning of your journey . To validate you’ll find machine at train and metro stations or on buses and trams. Machine will stamp time and date. If a daily or multidays tickets, you’ll need to write on it you name, surname and date of birth. They will be valid midnight of the expiring day.

Rome Metrebus tickets can be purchased at news stands, tobacco stores, or vending machines at metro or train stations.

Be sure to validate/stamp the ticket before using. You rarely see somebody validating a ticket but that’s because most of passengers are locals who own a monthly or annual pass, which don’t need to be validated.

On buses, since you do not purchase tickets from the driver as you do in other countries, you can enter the bus at multiple doors and validate your ticket, if still necessary.

If you try to re-validate a ticket, it maybe looks as though you’re trying to reuse it. Only using a metro turnstile, the machine will check the validity of the ticket and stamp if never used before.

If you travel without a validated ticket, you could be fined a large amount from ticket inspectors.

Traveling Around AND Outside of Rome

Transport around and Outside Rome is easily done with the Met1rebus Network System.

Rome and its Metropolitan area (the greater Rome) has been split in many rings (zone).

The ticket cost will change depending on which region you intend to travel to.

Zagarolo, where Olive Tree Hill is located, is part of the “Zone 3”

The following options will allow unlimited rides on regional coach & train within the 3 zones (Rome included) plus buses, metro and trams in Rome.

BIRG – valid 1 day –  € 8,00.
Unlimited travel for one day in the Lazio region according to areas indicated on the ticket.

BTR – valid 3 days – € 22,00.
Unlimited travel for 3 days in the Metropolitan area of Rome, according to areas indicated on the ticket.

CIRS – valid 7 days – € 34,50.
Unlimited travel for 7 days in the Metropolitan area of Rome, according to areas indicated on the ticket.

A single one-way train ticket to/from Rome is also available at the cost of 3,60 euros.

Traveling Around Rome Center with Rome Metro/bus Tickets and Passes

While the above ticket options allow you to travel in a wider area, there are other ticket options if you plan on traveling only around the city of Rome.

B.I.T . – Standard ticket – € 1,50.
This ticket is valid for 100 minutes of travel on all transport in Rome central. Tickets need to be validated at beginning of travel time and can be used only once on the metro.

B.I.G. – Daily ticket – € 6,00.
Valid for 1 day of unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome. Pass expires on day of purchase at midnight.

B.T.I. –  3day tourist ticket – € 16,50.
Valid for 3 days, with unlimited metro, bus, and train travel around Rome center.

C.I.S. – Weekly ticket – €24,00.
Valid for 7 days with unlimited metro, bus, and train travel around Rome center.

Getting Around Rome With the Metro

Rome’s metro network, known by Italians as the “Metropolitana” lets you easily travel from Termini station to key locations around Rome city.
The two lines, the red (A) and the blue(B), cross only at Temini (the main train station in Rome).

Rome’s Metro Hours are from 5:30am-11:30pm every day (Saturdays it runs until 12:20am).

Rome Metro Tickets can be purchased at news stands, tobacco stores, or vending machines at metro or train stations.

All Rome metro passes and tickets need to be validated before use at the boxes you’ll find on the bus/trams and the metro & train stations.
Some passes might also have spaces for data, such as your name or the date of birth.

Children under 10 ride free on bus, metro & trams in Rome and have discounts on trains.

Getting Around Rome: Important Rome Metro Stops

Some important key metro stops include:

Metro A (red line)
Spanish Steps
Ottaviano: St. Peter’s Basilica
Cipro: Vatican Museum
Flaminio: Piazza del Popolo

Metro B (blue line)
Rome Colosseum
Circo Massimo: Circus Maximus or the bus to the catacombs
Ponte Mammolo: to take the bus to Tivoli
Piramide: to get the train to Ostia Antica or the bus to the catacombs

To find the proper updated connections and routes visit the Metrebus official website

Enjoy your holidays and make an experience out of your trip!! :))


Please note
Prices and rules for Rome travel passes and tickets often change. If you notice any outdated information on our site, please notify us so that we can correct it, keep you up to date and provide the most recent information.


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