Drops of Italian Culture: Ferragosto

drops-of-italian-culture-ferragostoCity is empty, offices closed, it’s hard to find services; it’s not a scene of an apocalictic movie.
It’s only Rome in Ferragosto!

Ferragosto (Ferie di Agosto/August vacation) is a important recurrence celebrated only in Italy, particularly in Rome. The meaning of this celebration is unknown to the most.

It’s apply on August 15th, and eventhough today is a catholic recurrence devoted to the assumption of Maria Vergine, the origin is pagan and goes back to the Roman Empire.

In fact, in 18 B.C., Ottaviano was proclaimed August from the Senate, therefore venerable and sacred.
Due this month included a lot of religious parties, the most important of which was the party of Goddess Diana, on Aug 13th the emperor declared the whole month of August Feriae Augusti, the vacations of August.

This is the reason why, up to the recent past, italian’s holidays were concrentrated in august.

The term “August “ derived from the denomination of the Great Mother siriana Atargatis, said “l’Augusta”, that is the greatest, the most sacred, the Goddess with the towered crown that was risen standing on two leaning lions.

It seems that in 21 B.C. the Feriaes Augusti changed name in “Ferie Augustales”, and all the parties of the month were gathered in a day; the 15th.

Since then the crops would have been devoted to the emperor what guarantor of the provisionings, not only of the Romans but all the poor people that received free wheat and oil.

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