Stay home: stop Coronavirus

STAY HOME AND STOP CORONAVIRUS: artistic messages/contributions and more.

Posted: 2020, march 28

A beautiful message from Muhammed Başdağ

A heartfelt thanks to Muhammed Başdağ for this piece of art.

There are sites, things and people around the world that deserve to be promoted, whenever there is an opportunity. This seems to be just right!

Stay home
We could spend hours talking about the value that this piece of art and its content brings with it but especially in this moment, it assume a special and significant value for the entire world.

More than ever, in this contest, the contribution of an artist can be significant and inspire the right motivation in finding the strength to react to the difficulties that life sometimes imposes and the splendor of his ancient calligraphy exerts this effect on me. Does the same to you?


Muhammed Başdağ  – Biography
Muhammed Başdağ was born in İzmir (Turkey) in 1981
After taking calligraphy and painting classes he participated in many fairs and festivals as a calligrapher.
The artist continues his studies at Başdağ Hatyazı Workshop: Mollafenari Mh. Divanyolu Cd. No: 82 Çemberlitaş – Fatih – İstanbul (Turkey)

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