How to reach Olive Tree Hill B&B in Zagarolo by train


In Italy, travelling by train, is quite easy, cheap and comfortable.

You can find more information regarding Rome metro tickets and the transportation system that connect Rome with its Province at our Getting Around Rome – Transportation and ticket system page.

Being the main southern east gateway of Rome, Zagarolo is particularly well connected by train, by buses and by car (free and toll roads).

There are frequent trains traveling from Termini (Rome Central train station) to Zagarolo. In about 30 minutes you will be welcomed at Olive Tree Hill (aka “Il Colle degli Ulivi”).
Zagarolo, located just outside Rome, is on the route of trains with final destination to:

  • Cassino
  • Frosinone
  • Caserta
  • Colleferro

Note: A few of the trains with on the above final destinations will not stop in Zagarolo (10%).
Please make sure Zagarolo is mentioned on the general digital deprature diplay or at the small display you’ll find at the beginning of the track.
If not traveling from the above destinations, to reach Zagarolo by train, you’ll need to first get to Termini Station (the Central train station in Rome).
Once you decide which train you’ll catch, please call or text us your departing time and we will come to pick you up at Zagarolo train station.

In case of text, we always confirm that we received the text with “OK”. If you don’t receive an “OK” message, please call in case we did not receive your message.

Train tickets from Termini to Zagarolo are available at ticket office or automatic machines that you’ll find at the station, but will be quicker and easier to buy them at any newspaper kiosks or bars you’ll find at the station.
If you are asking for a ticket from a bar or newspaper kiosk, ask for a 40 Km. ticket.

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