Guest Experience: Dinner at Olive Tree Hill B&B

Written by: Paola Bertrand

Sitting at a table and having a meal with people from almost every continent in the world is not an everyday occurrence, but it’s definitely something I recommend doing if you’re the kind of person who enjoys sharing and learning while traveling.

Olive Tree Hill is not just a place to sleep and have breakfast. In fact, staying at the B&B provided a complete experience of local Italian life that my husband and I were looking for.

The food was delicious. During a previous trip to Italy, I ate mediocre and even bad food. Finally, at Olive Tree Hill we had the opportunity to enjoy real Italian food and drink real Italian wine, made by real Italians with ingredients from the region. Buonnissimo!

Besides the food, sharing a meal with guests from different countries is part of the Olive Tree Hill experience. Conversations around the table will always be interesting.

Having hosts like Ivano and Terhi immediately makes you feel at home; you’re surrounded by people that seem like old friends. Falling in love with Italy is inevitable as they start to share everything they know about their country.

For us, traveling is more than taking a picture at a landmark, it’s about getting to know the local life of a place, their culture and their history. Spending days at Olive Tree Hill gave us the feeling of living the Italian local life.

The next time Italy comes to your mind for a vacation, I recommend you consider a different and more immersive way to experience the country. A perfect way to start is by booking a stay at Olive Tree Hill.

Paola and her husband Alex visited from Mexico in November 2017.

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