Coronavirus – breaking news from Italy

This page is intended to inform about the evidence of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Italy. It summarize only few  scientific data so far available to give a more clear vision of how much Coronavirus can impact on health, social and economic life of citizen in the world. It has been created mainly to provide info to our guests concerned about our health, curious about the real situation in Italy and fearful of the spread of the Coronavirus in the world.

Due the interesting data collection, we decided to share it online to allow anyone interested to gather more information on the Coronavirus. We hope to do something useful and welcome.

We will avoid reporting massive scientific data and number of cases worldwide. We leave this task to the official health departments but we will limit ourselves providing some statistical data, to understand how the world is reacting and what could be the consequences of this virus.

How dangerous is the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness.

Covid-19 recalls that of SARS, which attacked the lungs in three phases: viral replication, immune hyperactivity and destruction of the lung. Alarmed by the presence of a viral invasion, the immune system hurries to fight the disease by flooding the lungs with cytokines, proteins that have the task of eliminating damage and repairing lung tissue. However, this process sometimes goes haywire and these cells kill everything they encounter, including healthy tissue (as happens with “surgical bombing”). The cytokine storm can then pour into the circulatory system and create serious systemic problems in multiple organs

To escape the lethal cytokine storm, hope comes from a specific drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis that inhibits high levels of Interleukin 6 (IL-6), one of the cytokines involved in the aforementioned storm. This drug has given results on two seriously ill patients in Naples and the possibility of using it pending a Coronavirus vaccine to treat risky situations is alluded.

Over 65s (who represent a large part of the population of western countries) and people who already suffer from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are more at risk. Very few cases of death below this threshold.
Children are generally considered to be out of danger but represent a classic example of the healthy vector of the virus.

The rapid progression of the disease and the frequent need to use mechanical respirators normally present in the ICU (intensive care unit) are the real problem of the Coronavirus.
Both are in fact available in limited numbers.

What are Coronavirus causes

The problem with Covid-19 is whether respiratory emergencies all come together.
In these cases, almost everywhere, the Health System does not hold up. If spread out, emergencies and deaths would go unnoticed as happens, for example, in the case of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. which have a much higher mortality rate.
Preliminary data suggest that the mortality rate for Covid -19 varies from 1% to 2% depending on the study and the country. While fatality rate of this Coronavirus seems significantly lower than two other recent coronavirus epidemics, the transmission rate of COVID-19 is significantly higher, meaning more people are likely to get infected but something that is not clear to most of the people is that infected doesn’t mean sick.
Coronavirus in numbers

What is Coronavirus death rate

Coronavirus largely affected the over 65s (which is a large portion of the populations in western countries) and people who already suffered from other chronic diseases  – including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.
Very few cases of death below this threshold and borne by healthy people. Young children appear to be slightly infected but can act as a carrier for additional transmission.

A rapid spike in the outbreaks occurs in many European countries and in the USA where containment programs have been launched only a few days. Spain currently appears to be among the European countries with the highest growth in infections.
The absence of a joint and coordinated policy is unlikely to block the spread of this visrus otherwise destined to travel from country to country as we begin to register in China where the first cases of returning infection are recorded.

Why so many people get affected by Coronavirus in Italy

This map clearly describe the spread of the coronavirus in Italy.
As you notice coronavirus outbreak are more common in Lombardia, Emilia Romagna  and Veneto, which drives the economy of the country.

Those regions are particularly affected by the Covid-19, most probably due the larger number of tourism and foreign affairs projects active.
In terms of numbers has to be known that Italy has done a larger number of swabs (necessary to prove the contagion) higher than those performed throughout all the European country.

This means that at the moment Italy has a greater awareness of the real state of health of its  population and has taken steps that have tended to safeguard the health of citizenship although risking a heavy econonomic crisis.

Restrictions imposed by Italian government against the Coronavirus

To avoid Coronavirus would spread around the country, the governement close at first some area where coronavirus outbreak has been registered.
Having verified the decrease in cases in closed areas and the growth in new areas of the country, the government has decided to expand the restrictions initially imposed on a limited number of areas throughout the country, until April 3 – unless extended.

These are some of the most important restrictions applied: closure of schools and universities, public parks and gardens, gyms, discos, museums, places of culture and worship, cinemas, theaters, all shops except for basic necessities.

Churches remain open but services are not celebrated. Funerals and weddings can only be celebrated in the presence of close relatives. Prohibition of movement (even on foot and by bicycle) except in case of need or for proven health and work needs. Shopping for basic necessity is allowed at the commercial premises closest to home.

Prescription to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy

Apart restrictions mentioned above, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the guidline to avoid sreading ot the virus in Italy are to avoid:
    • Grouping
    • Keep a minimum distance of one meter from other people
    • Wash often the hands with soap, sanitizing or alcohol products
    • Touch face and nose
It is required to:
  • Cover the mouth in case of cough. In the absence of a handkerchief it is recommended to cover oneself with the elbow crease.
  • To wear masks if infected
It is suggested to:
  • limit the outputs for the purchase of basic necessities but also not to empty the shelves and allow everyone to get supplies.

Coronavirus - government tax measures to support Italian families

To cope with the economic emergency caused by the Coronavirus, the Italian government has implemented a fiscal maneuver of 25 billion Euros to support companies and freelancers in particular, and more generally citizens, damaged by the economic crisis generated by the blockade of production and commercial activities.

How long will take to fight the Coronavirus

Allow me to make a brief personal reflection on this. China, often criticized by virtue of political orientations rather than evaluating single choices, seems to be the country that thanks to a rigorous social security policy has been able to drastically slow down the spread of the virus.
Along the lines of China, in northern Italy where the retrospectives have been applied for weeks, there has been a decrease in infections. Iran seems to be in great difficulty while the virus has reached areas of India and Africa where healthcare facilities are certainly not organized like those of western countries.
Coronavirus - worldwide trend

Development of the Coronavirus in China (orange) and in the world (yellow)

Coronavirus - growth values in the world

General development of the Coronavirus in the world


How Coronavirus is being fought in the world?

The choice made by Italy and the dissemination of coronavirus data will have serious effects on Italy’s economic situation.

It is not easy to react to these events, the lack of knowledge of the enemy and the surprise effect certainly plays bad jokes but in the beginning, the Coronavirus seems to have split the world in two. Some countries like China, South Korea, Iran and Italy seem to have made the defense of the small town prevail to the detriment of the economic effects that the Coronavirus can determine while underestimating the problem or simply starting from a different cultural base have followed different paths.

True, false, right or wrong are questions that I invite everyone to reflect on. After all, it is a war and, as in all wars, the alignments and decisions are made by virtue of criteria often incomprehensible to us.

I invite you to share your friendly opinion regarding this post and the situation in our community page on Facebook.

Love you all.


  1. All the best to you and your Family. We have been thinking of you.

    • Ivano Bruno
      21 Marzo, 2020

      Thank you, guys.
      Let’s see how it goes-
      This isn’t the worst virus we faced but is aggressive and easily puts the health system in crisis.
      Take care.

  2. Lisa Just
    21 Marzo, 2020

    I have been thinking of you, Terhi and the girls. Glad to hear you are all well. Crazy how this virus has taken over the world. Stay safe and healthy. Big hugs and lots of love. I miss you both!

    • Ivano Bruno
      21 Marzo, 2020

      Thank you Lisa, I hope you are doing well.
      Unfortunatly, virus has not borders and I guess we are going to face a pretty tough period worlwide.
      Particularly worried about you guys. USA heakthcare system is different and all those people that cannot efffor a private insurance are like bombs.
      Take care.
      Ciao Ivano

  3. Sandy Carter
    21 Marzo, 2020

    Thank you for sharing this information.
    Wishing you continued good health.

    • Ivano Bruno
      21 Marzo, 2020

      Hi Sandy, nice to hear from you.
      I hope our experience will helo you to approch this problem in a better way.
      Take care. Ciao, Ivano

  4. Mario DelRosso
    21 Marzo, 2020

    Jeannie & I send our best regards and thanks for your note. We in Upstate NY are just starting to experience what you have been going through. We hope you show us how to reach the quickest and least destructive end to this crisis. And we look forward to visiting you again soon. Stay well. Mario

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      Hi Mario,
      virus itself doesn’t live long. If we avoid to carry around it will lose power.
      Some countries, and their citizen as well, are too afraid to slow done the economy but there is not other way than quarantine, I guess.
      Chinese has been determinated on this and they reached a good target very rapidly.
      LEt’s take this period to resume, re organize and think how we can do better. because, we certainly can do it.
      A warm hug, Ivano

  5. Gail Pascoe
    21 Marzo, 2020

    Thank you Ivano.
    We often think about our lovely stay and wonder how you are faring….
    Here in West Australia we wake up to the news today that our country has now 305,268 cases. 90 cases being the total here in remote Western Australia.
    We are about 3 weeks behind Europe and most people are confounded by our politicians choices… who seem to be more concerned about lifting the economy rather than closing borders, schools etc. I fear they’ve learned nothing from the advantage of prior experience in the northern hemisphere.
    We have chosen to stay at home unless necessary. Today I get to visit my beautiful 101yr old mother for the last time until they allow visitors again. This breaks my heart but acknowledge it is safer this way.
    Stay safe.
    Keith & Gail

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      Hi guys,
      I know, the tendence of some countries to care more about economy than citizen’s health runs me crazy.
      Chinese experience docet. THe only way to fight this virus is isolation.
      At the end, no so bad if you find the way to make useful your time.
      This is a problem we should think more. Silence, waitness scare most of the people nowdays.
      Let’s take time for ourselves. Technology helps to keep in touch with friends, do gym, follow lessons.
      Actually, I am plannig to do some online sessions. If you want to join and invite some friends to connect frm their home, Iìll be glad to offer you a 5’oclock virtual cup of tea. You pickup the thread: cooking class, history, italian culture, ipotetycal travel plan, what ever you like to talk about this country.
      Let’s maybe our days!
      Looking forward receivng your feedback.
      Have a wonderful day and take care.
      Ciao, Ivano

  6. Mary Jo Alberto
    22 Marzo, 2020

    Hello from Texas, USA. I’m glad to see you and your family are doing well. My friend and I stayed at your place about 15 years ago, and it has stayed in my heart all of this time because of your warmth and hospitality!
    Take care of yourselves, and we’ll all get through this.
    Mary Jo

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      Hi Mary Jo,
      nice to hear form you.
      Yes, has been a long time since you were here. It was in 2007 and a lot of things happned since there.
      Gòad to know that afetr so ling time yu still have fund memories. That’s a trip should be like: memories, emotions and experiences that help us live better.
      I hope to find you well.
      Coronavirus is headig your way now and I hope the post I sent could help.
      We don’t need dramas bu useful info.
      Take care and stay in tough.
      Ciao, Ivano

  7. Leanne
    22 Marzo, 2020

    Italy will recover eventually because they have good people like you. Haven’t seen the Italians going into a frenzy with dog eat dog world, raiding supermarket shelves and not leaving enough for the elderly or disabled. The scenes we have seen in Victoria Australia I never thought I would see, humanity needs to prevail.

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      Hi Leanne,
      thank you for lovelly words but, unfortunately, human being is the same worldwide. There are differences, at least in percentages, I don’t deny it but what you describe also happens here.
      Hopefully will pass soon and people will have the chace to think about it and how to develope their consciousness.
      let me fill your heart with a warm hug.
      Take care.
      Ciao, Ivano

  8. Monse Bruno
    22 Marzo, 2020

    Passerà presto

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      For sure……

  9. Mario
    22 Marzo, 2020

    Ivano, I like your virtual tea idea! It would be fun to catch up again, and plan our next trip. If you proceed, let us know where (Skype, WhatsApp, etc) and when we should look for you. Best, Mario

    • Ivano Bruno
      22 Marzo, 2020

      I’ll let you know asap.

  10. Sally Essom
    22 Marzo, 2020

    Thank you for that, Ivano and good to know you and your family are safe, it facing an uncertain economic future. We are locked down in the French countryside, so ourselves feel fairly safe, but worried about our family in the UK. It seems the world itself is taking a big breath and is repairing itself from the damage we human have done, so all is not bad. Hopefully, we will all come through this dark time and pick up our lives with more thought and compassion for our world and for other people.
    We remember fondly our stay at Olive Tree Hill and the great welcome we received from yourself and Terhi. The memories of our wonderful trip to Italy will sustain us through this uncertain time.
    Best wishes,
    Sally & John

    • Ivano Bruno
      6 Aprile, 2020

      Hi Gina, sorry for delay answering but somehow I missed to read you message before.
      It’s nice to receive your news.
      I really hope that this virus will allow people to re-think about the meaning of life.
      I have to say that I am missing my guests and external social life but this quitness around gives me a good vibe.
      If wouldn’t be for the wallet may I wouldn’t mind to live this way a little bit longer.
      I am glad to remember fondly you staying at Olive Tree Hill. As you know, nothing better than this can reward our work and our passion.
      Please take care and keep in touch.
      A warm hug to both of you.

  11. Gina Dow
    23 Marzo, 2020

    Jerry and I were glad to hear that you are all well — this has been a difficult time for everyone, and I hope that these challenges bring out the best in people as we try to care for each other. Our little city in Ohio has pretty much shut down – schools are having children learn from home, everything is pretty much closed — so we have been focused on keeping people safe while also ensuring that children who rely on school for breakfast and lunch still have access to these meals (especially since so many of their parents are not making much money now), as well as figuring out how to safely operate the food pantries, check on and shop for elderly neighbors, etc. We’ll be ok, but I hope we have some breakthroughs soon!
    Also – Jerry just showed me this and it made me laugh 🙂
    Best wishes, and stay safe!

    • Ivano Bruno
      6 Aprile, 2020

      Hi Gina, sorry for delay answering but somehow I missed to read it before.
      Good to know that you are safe and healthy.
      We have been already one in lock down and eventhough fo rus will be a very though year moneywise I keep up my optimism and work hard to maake my life nice and happpy. At the moment Terhi is stock in Finland. She went to vist her mom and never came back but that’s only because they cancelled the flight. Don’t worry 😀
      Btw, let’s hope this lockdown ends up soon.
      Take care and keep in touch.
      A warm hug to both of you. Ciao, Ivano

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