It’s time for music


Yesterday, in the splendid frame of Palazzo Rospigliosi, the first of four concerts planned for the International Musical Camp began on August 25th in Zagarolo organized by the Association “Amici di Zagarolo” under the Art Director Antonella Ceravolo.

Performing this first concert the violin and cello’s students (Antonietta Pilloli, Ivana Querques, Luca Calzolaio, Antonio Aprile, Anna Skladannja, Enrico Cuculo, Constanza Maria Campiti) accompanied by master of music Georgy Gusev (Cello) and Manfred Croci (Violin) who performed an exhilarating duet on the notes of Hendel.

These the concerts planned in the next days at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo – Rome:
August 31th at 9,30 p.m. Final Concert of Violin and Cello

  • September 1st at 7,00 p.m. Prize Concert Campus 2013
  • September 6th at 9,30 p.m. Final Concert of Flute and Piano

Zagarolo – Summer Bread Festival


The area outside Rome have always plenty to offer to the one travelling in Italy who want to go off the beathen path, but in summer thetravel experience get enanched by a large amount of summer festivals running normally in the weekend to recall ancient traditions.

On July the streets of Zagarolo held the traditional bread festival organized by the local associations with the contribute of the entire community.

The ancient and traditional brick ovens will be baking bread, biscuits and cakes. The local associations will take care of the service and the bread dressing, if required.

All the income will be donate to charity or to restore part of the historical medieval town of Zagarolo. On 2016 the bread festival will be held on jul 23th.

Enjoy Zagarolo and get an amazing experience out of your trip!