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Zagarolo International Arts & Music Campus

Upcoming events in Zagarolo The third edition of the Zagarolo Music Campus is ready to welcome artist from all over the world. An amazing experience that give young musicians and actors  the opportunity to check and upgrade their skills with some amazing international artists such: Fiorenza Cossotto, Bruno Canino, Sergey Girshenko.   Masterclasses of: belcanto, […]

Withdrawing Money from an ATM in Rome

People often get worried about how they will withdraw money once they land in Rome. Well have no worries, we have your back and are happy to explain things for you! Even though the use of credit cards is getting more and more popular in Italy, especially in smaller cities, cash is still the most […]

Funniest Italian Pastas

Did you know there are more than 350 types of Italian pasta? Isn’t that amazing? Each is uniquely different, with it’s own texture and style. Some pastas have really great and funny names. Here are a few of our favorites. Orecchiette (or-eh-KYEH-teh) These are smaller, round bowl-shaped pastas. The word Orecchiette translates to mean “little […]

Drops of Italian Culture: Ferragosto

City is empty, offices closed, it’s hard to find services; it’s not a scene of an apocalictic movie. It’s only Rome in Ferragosto! Ferragosto (Ferie di Agosto/August vacation) is a important recurrence celebrated only in Italy, particularly in Rome. The meaning of this celebration is unknown to the most. It’s apply on August 15th, and […]

It’s time for music

Yesterday, in the splendid frame of Palazzo Rospigliosi, the first of four concerts planned for the International Musical Camp began on August 25th in Zagarolo organized by the Association “Amici di Zagarolo” under the Art Director Antonella Ceravolo. Performing this first concert the violin and cello’s students (Antonietta Pilloli, Ivana Querques, Luca Calzolaio, Antonio Aprile, […]

Zagarolo – Summer Bread Festival

The area outside Rome have always plenty to offer to the one travelling in Italy who want to go off the beathen path, but in summer thetravel experience get enanched by a large amount of summer festivals running normally in the weekend to recall ancient traditions. On July the streets of Zagarolo held the traditional […]

Rome Termini Luggage deposit

Rome Termini railway station is the largest terminal station in Europe enriched by shopping malls, cafes and restaurants that you can find either underground, first & middle floor. The luggage deposit is located at the basement level and can be reached by a moving walkway (if coming from a metro station) or along the track […]

Getting Around Rome

Rome is definitely a walkable city and we higly suggest you to explore it in that way. We should never forget that Rome is a museum itself. Around any corner  there is something that will stimolate your senses. To discover Rome’s beauties, make your plans, take a map and get lost! That’s the best way […]

Using The Roma Pass: Your Roma Pass Guide

Is the Roma Pass Worth It?  The Roma Pass is a well known touristic cards that gives the opportunity to benefit from various discounts and services while visiting Rome & Rome Province. Not always a traditional Roma Pass is worth to buy. Nowdays is often used to skip the line/queue while with suggestions hopefully provided […]


Tivoli is one of the hidden gems outside of Rome in the Lazio region of Italy; a delightful town with historic Villas and a collection of incredible fountains, Tivoli doesn’t get anywhere near the attention or recognition it deserves. Tivoli has a number of sites worth visiting, such as: Villa d’Este Rocca Pia Villa Gregoriana […]